Babies Magic Tea the all natural gas solution and discomfort relief for baby

All natural gas solution and discomfort
relief for baby.

Your baby will sleep through
the night and so will you!

Babies Magic Tea

Who said that having a new baby means sleepless nights for new moms
and dads?

One sip of Babies Magic Tea and your baby will sleep all night
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Price: $13.95

Having a newborn is an exciting event that doesn’t happen every day so it’s fun and worth celebrating. In order to be in a celebratory mood, you need to be in a good mental and physical condition and that’s why you and your baby need to be sleeping through the night. But baby’s immature digestive system can often lead to a gassy and fussy baby. When you need discomfort relief, or a natural gas solution for your baby, use Babies’ Magic Tea. What are some common signs of infant gas?

Babies’ Magic Tea is the only safe and all natural gas solution on the market that can make that happen. When gripe water or tummy time is not enough, Babies’ Magic Tea is a must have for every new mom. This natural and organic discomfort relief for baby has been used for hundreds of years to help babies sleep through the night by preventing and relieving infant gas, fussiness, colic, baby gas pains, and indigestion. It can be given to infants as young as one day old. With just one serving of Babies Magic Tea, your baby will sleep through the night and so will you!

Product details

An all natural, herbal and organic tea with no caffeine and no preservatives. 20 Tea bags per can and the serving size is 8FL.OZ (240ml) per tea bag.

Ingredients: organic Foeniculum vulgare and organic Cuminum Cyminum seeds.

How to use: Add one tea bag to an 8oz (240ml) serving of boiling water. Boil with tea bag inside for 1 or 2 minutes, remove tea bag, cool tea in baby bottle or cup until lukewarm and serve.

  • Serve tea to baby as is up to 8oz (240ml)
  • Or mix up to 8oz of tea with formula to serve
  • Moms can also drink Babies’ Magic Tea and pass on its benefits through nursing.