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Maternity Teas - A peek inside

Almost every new mom feels the pressure of parenting. Moms have a lot of decisions in their hands when they welcome a new child. Our maternity teas are here to help those moms and their little bundle of joy as well. Our maternity teas include: Babies Magic Tea, Healthy Nursing, Toddler Magic, Mummy Magic Weight Loss, No to Morning Sickness, Relaxing Mama, Baby Constipation Tea, Baby Gas Tea, Baby Colic Tea and Baby Sleep Tea.  

Babies Magic Tea is a solution for newborns and babies with digestive problems. It has no sugar, no alcohol, no artificial colors or flavors, no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no chemicals, no petroleum, and its 100% vegetarian and vegan. 

Healthy Nursing Tea, enhances the quantity and quality of breast production milk while breastfeeding. This tea is a all natural tea, with no caffeine and no preservatives. It is also infused with calming ingredients to help alleviate a mom's stress as well. 

The Toddler Magic, is an all natural sweet tea meant to help toddlers with constipation, to improve a toddler's sleeping rhythms, promotes healthy digestion, and reduces symptoms of common cold. 

Mummy Magic Weight Loss helps every mom restore their pre-pregnancy body with a combination of a better digestion and correcting the balance and absorption of nutrients. It comes in four different flavors. 

The No to Morning Sickness Tea gives a relief by giving the body the essentials for a healthy pregnancy. All natural, completely safe for the mother and the little one. It comes in seven different flavors. 

Every mom needs a break now and there, Relaxing Mamma Tea helps to let go of stress and relax, with every cup you will also be enjoying a dose of antioxidants as well. 

The best natural relief for baby constipation is the Baby Constipation Tea, if the baby is suffering from tummy problems this tea will help. We created a natural solution for babies and newborns based on a combination of organic ingredients. 

The Baby Gas Tea is for babies waking up through the night due to tummy problems, and Baby Sleep Tea fights a baby's typical digestive problems, including colic, gas, and constipation to help your baby sleep better and not wake up multiple times in the night. 

All the teas are 100% all natural and organic. 

FDA Approved* 


USDA Organic*

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