Private Label Tea


We are the tea professionals and we know all its secrets, whether it is an herbal, a caffeinated or a healing tea, we will make sure that your blend will be the tastiest and your packaging will be the best. Our modern tea blending and packaging plants meet international hygiene and safety standards and are designed exclusively to meet the different requirements of our customers. The key factor for the success of any tea brand is taste and quality of packaging, we can easily Guarantee that along with the best co-packing prices. 

Secrets Of Tea works with leading brands and companies worldwide to meet a range of private label requirements. Trust is the key to our partnership with private brands, and our commitment to consistent quality and on-time delivery promises exponential growth for our partners. We are able to source the highest quality teas and herbs in the world and we offers a huge selection of tea packaging.  

Most formats of tea bags can be pressed in heat - sealed, metallized wrapping paper. We offer packaged tea in cardboard boxes and we offer double-decker, stacked and single-decker packages. Further packaging options are self-standing film bags, floor standing boxes, metal cans.

The key to our success in mixing fine teas is undoubtedly the ability to select and source teas and herbs.

Our facility has been developed in collaboration with our German and South Korean partners and offers an unprecedented level of hygiene and safety. Our range of tea bag machines includes pyramid, round and square bag machines. Our envelope machines can do all kinds of envelopes available in the market.   

Whether you are a start up or a multinational  company, we can cover all your needs so you can focus on your daily business.

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