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Secrets Of Tea PCOS & PMS Be Gone Tea Support for Women - Symptom Relief, Mood, Acne, Skin darkens, and Menstrual Pain.

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  • Feel like you. High-potency, rapidly absorbed PMS Be Gone Tea all-natural ingredients. Formulated to help regulate periods, control weight, and relieve polycystic ovary syndrome symptoms.

    • PMS Be Gone Fruits Tea by Secrets of Tea is blended to perfection to include hand-picked premium USDA organic herbs which are naturally sweet.

    • All tea produced by Secrets of Tea are FDA approved, completely vegan, USDA Organic, Kosher and Halal Certified, with no Preservatives. And that’s not all; it’s also Dairy, Gluten and Soy Free. 

    • You know your tea is amazing when it has 100% natural ingredients and that is exactly what we guarantee. The PMS Be Gone Tea consists of:
    • Organic Rooibos 
    • Organic Hibiscus 
    • Organic Skullcap
    • Organic Raspberry leaf
    • Organic Turmeric
    • Organic Whole fennel seeds
    • Organic Chaste tree berries
    • Organic Dandelion
    • Organic Lavender
    • Organic Lemon Balm 
    • Organic Licorice 
    • Organic Chamomile 
    • Organic Calendulas
    • Organic Rose Hip 

       For a perfect cup of tea, boil 8 oz of water. Pour over tea bag and steep for 2 to 3 minutes. Repeat for a second cup.

      Dosage: 1 to 4 cups per day