Slim Tea - Weight Loss - Secrets Of Tea
Slim Tea - Weight Loss - Secrets Of Tea
Slim Tea - Thermogenic Weight Loss - Secrets Of Tea

Babies' Magic Tea + Healthy Nursing Lemongrass Lactation Tea + Weight Loss Tea

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Take a different approach than your average weight loss product because it ignites a thermogenic effect in the digestive system. The human digestive system is responsible for the metabolic rate (BMR), The BMR is the number of calories burned by the whole body per unit of time at rest. The fastest way to lose weight is to increase your BMR. The tea is Organic and Vegan and its ingredients will actively help you burn off extra weight.

Benefits Of Slim Weight Loss Tea

  • Helps promote weight loss
  • Supports metabolism boost
  • Improves digestion and reduces bloating
  • 20 tea bags (40 servings) per box.
  • Keto and Paleo friendly (zero net carbs)

Ingredients Of Slim Weight Loss Tea

Secrets of tea Slim tea contains only organic ingredients like High-Grade Green Tea, Cuminum Cyminum, Moringa, Dandelion, Turmeric, Hibiscus, Fennel, Milk Thistle, Peppermint, Licorice root, Ginger, and Peach.

All those super ingredients work together to raise your metabolism and help your body get rid of unhealthy toxins and the taste is heavenly delicious, which makes the tea supper easy to drink.

How It Helps To Lose Your Weight?

Cumin can help in burning calories faster by increasing the speed of metabolism and improving digestion. When you have a healthy digestive system and a faster metabolism, you will automatically lose weight. 

Fennel is a rich source of fibre, which helps you stay fuller for longer, further preventing you from cravings and overeating. This leads to lesser calorie consumption, resulting in weight loss, and also Fennel seeds are responsible for kick-starting your metabolism. A healthy metabolism is the key to losing weight in a healthy way.

Moringa used to prepare morning tea which can result in weight loss. Not just weight loss, it can help you manage diabetes, hypertension and asthma. Moringa helps in reducing the fat formation and it also promotes fat breakdown

Dandelion contains more potassium than other herbs. This nutrient could act as a diuretic and increase the daily frequency of urination. This property may help you lose water weight and prevent water retention.
Dandelion is thought to improve digestion and reduce fat absorption.

Hibiscus is great for weight loss, as this plant contains anthocyanins, phenolic compounds and flavonoids that can help to regulate the genes involved in lipid metabolism, boosting fat elimination, mitigate adipocyte hypertrophy and reducing the size of fat cells.